The Diamond Rose Box Story

The founder, Diana ever since she was a kid, she loved picking fresh roses, which later became her obsession. She wouldn’t go to sleep without her pile of freshly picked roses beside her bed. Ever since, she has been looking for the perfect way to maintain freshly collected roses for as long as three years. After series of experiments, she found the ideal solution. Hence, Diamond Rose Box was born. A diamond is forever. It’s elegant, and that’s why we named our brand Diamond Rose Box. At Diamond Rose Box, our roses are hand-picked and imported from Ecuador when they are at their most peak and perfect state. Our professional florist then carefully process the roses with a non-allergenic and non-toxic solution to keep their freshness for one to three years. We have fresh roses as well. Our roses require no water, and the maintenance needed is a light dusting, and keeping them away from excessive humidity, heat, and sunlight. Our roses are neatly arranged into six different handcrafted luxury boxes, which means you’ll always get the best rose arrangement for your need. We create fantastic quality preserved rose arrangements for our customers to enjoy for one year and longer, leaving a lasting impression on your loved ones. Why not browse through our collections today; we can’t wait to put a big smile of satisfaction on your face.