Everlasting Roses Care Guide

Everlasting Roses

Our everlasting roses are 100% roses handpicked from Ecuador and everlasting with a special formula to keep their freshness, color, characteristics, and texture for between 1 to 3 years. With that, you can enjoy a longer floral arrangement without needing to replace them or water them often.

 But, to enjoy your floral collection for an extended period, you need to adhere to some precautions. These precautions will ensure that your rose flowers stay fresh every day for as long as three years.

Everlasting Rose Precautions

With just minimal care, you can have fresh and attractive rose flowers for years. This is one significant advantage over our fresh rose collections that require sunlight, fertilizer, and a lot of water to stay bright and beautiful.

You’ll need to dust your everlasting rose collection with our specially-made flower duster, a hairdryer, or a tissue. You need to be careful not to exert too much pressure on the rose petals; else you’ll damage them.

Avoid exposing your everlasting rose collection to direct sunlight. Adhering to this will help your flowers to maintain their luster and freshness without looking discolored and withered.

Keep your flowers away from water and humid places. Also, you should avoid getting your rose flowers wet as much as possible.

Avoid squashing, bending, or pressing the flowers; else you may damage the rose petals. The petals are the most delicate part of the flower and can be damaged when you apply too much pressure on them.

Do not take them away from the luxury box. Apart from enhancing the whole rose collection, the box is also instrumental in keeping them safe and fresh.

Do not place anything on the rose as they might damage and crush the beautiful petals.

    If you adhere to these precautions, you’ll get the best from your everlasting roses.