About Everlasting Roses

What Are Everlasting Roses? Things You Should Know About Them.

You’ve probably heard a lot about roses lasting for up to a year or more, and you likely want some answers to your questions. Then, you’re reading the right content.

This short but highly-educative content will inform you about the necessary things you should know about everlasting roses.

What are Everlasting Roses?

Everlasting roses are luxury boxed roses that can last for between 1 to 3 years if properly maintained. They are handcrafted by professional florists and carefully arranged in various luxury cases that come in multiple shapes and sizes, for instance, the square, circular, heart shape, and many more designs.

Because of their fascinating colors and light fragrance, everlasting rose flowers are suitable for a lot of events like the Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, and other events where a touch of luxury is needed.

Real or Synthetic?

Are everlasting roses real or factory made? Our everlasting roses are 100% authentic. They are roses that are carefully handpicked in Ecuador before processing them with non-toxins and non-allergic wax-like solution to keep the freshness, look, beauty, and properties.

With a quality everlasting rose collection, you can get the benefits of a fresh rose collection for up to three years, and, of course, with minimal maintenance time and effort.

All our rose arrangements come from Ecuador, which means they can serve you for years to come.

How Our Everlasting Roses are Processed?

Handpicked from Ecuador at their peak state, usually red roses, we then use our carefully formulated formula to process them. The preservative process transforms the floral arrangement into long-lasting roses that are capable of retaining their biological properties and structure for 1 to 3 years.

Afterwards, we then transform the roses into different colors, ranging from vibrant red, and other beautiful colors.

Our professional florist then carefully arranged into luxury boxes of different sizes, ready to be shipped to the desired location.

Can Everlasting Roses Really Last for 3 years?

Yes, our everlasting roses can serve you for up to 3 years. With the everlasting rose collection, you can be sure of a long-lasting fragrance, for up to 3 weeks, much longer than a freshly cut rose arrangement.

How to Care for Your Everlasting Rose Collection

To ensure that your choice collection of everlasting rose serves you for years to come, below are some simple but effective maintenance culture you should adopt:

  • Do not water your everlasting rose
  • Avoid placing your arrangement in moist areas
  • Keep your rose arrangement from direct sunlight
  • Do not remove the roses from the box
  • Avoid putting anything on the roses
  • Gently remove dust from the rose with our recommended rose duster.
  • Display your floral arrangement at room-temperature.


What Types of Arrangements are Available?

To ensure that you have the best-everlasting rose arrangement for every occasion, we have designed eight different collections for you:

  • The One Carat Collection
  • The Emerald Collection
  • The Round Brilliant Collection
  • The Radiant Collection
  • The Princess Collection
  • The Queens Collection
  • The Proposal 6cm Collection
  • The Proposal 3cm Collection

How You Can Order Your Choice Everlasting Rose Collection

Are you ready to leave a long-lasting impression on your loved ones? Then you need a everlasting rose collection. To order for your choice collection, please browse through our shop section, and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep.

For more information, you can reach us thru live chat or click here.