Red Velvet Heart Box

The Heart collection contains between 30-36 carefully selected handpicked roses from Ecuador and professionally arranged into a handmade luxury gift box, this Large box is a great way to say “I Love You” or a Perfect Romantic Gift that will make a long-lasting memory for someone special.

This collection requires minimal maintenance, lasting for as long as three years.  And the queen's collection comes with a lot of gifts that will instantly catch the attention of the recipient: message card, flower duster, and a Suede luxury box.

This box will make her speechless, making her remember the person and occasion in which it was given

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$439.00 USD$489.00 USD

Red Velvet Heart Box with Large Roses

This Heart Box collection is handcrafted and arranged by our professional florist to leave a long-lasting impression on your loved one. This large box of premium roses is a great way to...