Diamond Dome Collection

A delightful and delicate arrangement of 20-25 everlasting real roses that will last for up to three years. This box is a great way to say “I Love You” or a perfect Romantic Gift that will make a long-lasting memory for someone special.

Each of the roses is treated with a special formula to ensure that they will keep their freshness and form for one year and more. The touch of our professional florists also ensures that you won’t have to spend more time maintaining this brilliant collection.

Romance abounds in this elegant arrangement of forever roses in a box. Lift away the lid and a flourish of the finest blooms will be revealed to gasps of sheer delight. Rich in meaning with a luxurious look, this sumptuous display is sure to be cherished by the recipient.

  • 4"x5" 
  • 20-25 Everlasting 1in Real Roses that last a Year to Three Years!
  • Suede Luxury Box
  • Custom Message Card Included
  • Duster

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Diamond Dome Mini

Do you need a small but emotional-connecting rose box to say “Thank you” or “Thinking of you” to any loved ones you? Then, this collection is the one you’re looking for....