7 Top Flowers To Present to Mom on Mother’s Day

7 Top Flowers To Present to Mom on Mother’s Day

With mother’s day right around the corner, you are likely to get your mother a lovely bouquet of flower. An arrangement of beautiful flowers is often a staple for a lot of celebrations: Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, and much more.

According to the Society of American Florists, Mother’s Day is second to Valentine’s Day for floral purchases. It’s no surprise. A collection of beautiful flowers makes an excellent gift to your mother on this special day, further strengthening the child – mother bond.

You should understand that a lot goes into selecting the best flower for your mom. The whole selection process is sometimes overwhelming. So, instead of choosing just any flower because it’s beautiful and well-arranged, you should read this short guide.

Flowers and Their History

What you may not know is that these flowers have multiple meanings and rich histories behind them, says the Society of American Florists. So, you need to present a suitable flower arrangement that matches your mom’s birthday month or her personality.

When combined with a thoughtful card, you’re on your way to truly make the mother’s day a memorable one for her this May.

So below, we have compiled the list of the most popular flower’s and the summary of what they signify so that you can quickly select the best, beautiful floral bouquet for your mom.

Top 7 Flowers for Mother’s Day


Tulip comes in different colors: the pink represents “caring,” and the purple tulips represents royalty. Is your mom caring? Then you can opt for the beautiful pink tulip.


Sophisticated, smart, and classic: if these words define your mom, then a rose bouquet is what suits her. Just like the Tulip flower, Rose comes in various colors, with each representing different things. For instance, pink roses represent “admiration and appreciation,” while yellow represents friendship.

We at Diamond Rose Box have various collections of freshly cut rose flower arrangements that will brighten your mother’s day, strengthening the love you share. And if you want to make the amazing impression to last longer – for a year or more – you can choose from our handpicked rose flower collection (Please see our collections to select the color and style that best fits your mother’s personality).


Peony may not be the most common flower for mother’s day (typical for weddings), but they have a fantastic history – they represent richness and honor (Teleflora), and the Society of American Florists says peonies represent healing.


Is your mom your inspiration, full of energy, and always motivates you? Don’t hesitate to grab her a flower arrangement containing lilies. Lilies represent celebration and enthusiasm.


Alstroemeria means “aspiring.” This flower is commonly found everywhere. They are beautiful and perfect for moms who are passionate, refined, poised, and love surprises.


Orchid means “delicate beauty.” Is your mom funny, chatty, trendsetter, quirky, and imaginative, then you should get her a bouquet of Orchid.


Christian legend has it that the pink Carnation first grew from the land where the Virgin Mary shed tears over the death of Jesus. Carnation symbolizes “a mother’s undying, everlasting love.” Do you cherish your mother’s love, then don’t hesitate to get her a bouquet of Carnation.